Big charity ball
"Treasures of Russia"
"Ball 2020"
On Febrary 29h, 2020, connoisseurs of high Russian culture will gather in Switzerland at the Grand Charity Ball "Treasures of Russia"
What does Russian culture export to Europe? Not just classical opera and ballet brands. Russian Our historical heritage contributes its values that are of growing interest to the European cultural community. Amongst these include instilling dignity, compassion and spiritual subtlety. Who introduces these values into the greater European context? People who are trying to unite two great cultures.
The "Treasures of Russia" Charity Ball shall be held at the Hotel Beau Rivage, Laussane. Within its interiors, where the spirit of world history dwells, live Russian music will be played, and dancing couples clad in ballroom attire will converge on the polonaise to celebrate Russian culture and tradition. The event will include a bright dance and theater – musical program, a cocktail, gala dinner and a charity auction and after-party. The creators of the Ball are known under the modest title "Russian Nights in Switzerland". "We are seeking to become a kind of bridge linking the Russians and Europeans living in Switzerland. Even far from our Motherland, we preserve a versatile of Russian spirit, the joy of communication, the bright emotions. Our ally in this is the Russian culture and its finest artists, musicians and painters," remarks Zlata Smirnova, the founder of the project.
"Treasures of Russia" is the second Russian Ball in Switzerland, reviving the tradition after a long break. Like all the events of the project, it will bring together people living in Europe who are deeply attuned to the Russian culture. Here, diplomats, businessmen, descendants of emigrants and artists will be able to convene and intersect in sharing and strengthen existing ties and forge new relationships that share in their love of Russian culture. The creators of the legendary Officers' Ball in Sevastopol Dmitry Platov and Ekaterina Grafodatskaya will be the official dance-masters of "Treasures of Russia" in Lausanne. Their concept of the ballroom accessibility means that every guest, regardless of their dancing experience, shall be able to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the classical ball and take an active part in it. Enthusiasts will be able to attend pre-arranged rehearsal classes. Mazurkas, waltzes, quadrilles – these beautiful dances will be brought to life at the Ball in the performance of a demonstration group under the live sounds of the orchestra. And guests will be able to join each dance!
The brilliant soloists of Russian opera and ballet will be the shining treasures of the ball. Charming soprano ALINA YAROVAYA (opera), BASINIA SHULMAN (piano). National Artist of Russia, cellist BORIS ADRIANOV, the creator of the first ever Russian cello music festival "Vivacello" and the pianist KSENIA BASHMET, will also demonstrate their art. The brilliant IGOR VERNIK (actor of theater and cinema)
Charity was and stay inherent part of Russian soul, one of fundamentals spiritual values and strengths or Russians. The Charitable Foundation “Life line” was established in 2004 to insure that children with heart diseases could promptly receive medical care and quickly be returned to a full life. Today, this foundation in Russia returns the joy of life to thousands of children with various serious illnesses. “Artist” Charitable Foundation, created in 2008, supports Russian theater and cimena actors on, those, to whom this help is simply vital and who represents for us, the audience, integral part of culture.
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What awaits you at the ball
fun, communication, contests, as well as:
Live music
Dance program
Buffet table
Gourmet dinner
Charity Event
Participation and cost
answers to the main questions at the place and time
Time and date
On Saturday
29/02/2020: from 18.00 to 00.00
A place
In a historical place of European and Russian cultural heritage
Hotel Beau Rivage, Laussane
Cost of
CHF 1000 - VIP
CHF 400 - Premium
CHF 250 - Standard
CHF 190 - Debutants
Ball program
Opera performances, recitation of excerpts of works of art, chamber orchestra, rich dance program, bright concert and demonstration numbers.
Collect guests. Welcome Dinner - Live music performed by a chamber orchestra. Handing boutonnieres. Press briefing and interviews with guests.
The official Opening Ceremony of the Ball - Gala Polonaise. Greet guests, organizers. Submission of sponsors. Presentation of the Konstantin Khabensky Charitable Foundation.
The first branch of the "Russian Pages" - Speech stars of the ball. Dance program with Bal guests. Show performances.
Exquisite ballroom dinner and concert program.
Second Ballroom - Dance program with guests of the Ball.
Solemn closing ceremony of the ball.
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